There’s a lot to see and do in Kemijoki

Nature excursions, hunting, berry picking, fishing… There’s a lot to do in Kemijoki to suit every taste. We can tailor a day trip just for your taste, or arrange a tasty feast.

Mushroom picking trips, Northern Lights, fishing trips, tractor safaris…

You can fish on river Kemijoki round the year. We offer various fishing options from lure casting to fly fishing. In winter you can ice fish and enjoy the clean, clear Lapland air. In summer you can ride a tandem bike on your fishing trips. And it’s only 45 km (28 miles) to the salmon rapids of river Simojoki.

In summer you can pick berries or just hike on the nature trails, and in autumn you can go mushroom picking. For the hikers there are routes with fabulous views to admire the fall foliage colours in Vammavaara and Kätkävaara. Your host can take you on a tractor safari to see the Natura-conservation areas. Kemijoki river and its tributaries with lots of rapids offer great opportunities for boating and canoeing.

In winter you can ride a kick sled in moonlight, ski in the woods at night, or roll in snow after the mild heat of the smoke sauna. Or maybe you’d like to give snowshoes a go? In winter we’ll give you a wake-up call whenever there are Northern lights, also known as Aurora Borealis in the sky!

If you’re hoping to get into the saddle – we have horses, too. Riding lessons are also available.

Want to visit a snow castle or ride a toboggan slide?

We arrange day trips to nearby cities, and also to Sweden. You can visit a reindeer farm, try sleigh riding, or cross the Arctic Circle!

It’s easy to take a half-day excursion to nearby destinations. Here are some examples:
The summer toboggan slide in Ounasvaara
Santa Park
Santa Claus’ village
Icebreaker Sampo
The snow castle in Kemi
Ranua Wildlife Park

We make even food a memorable experience

Try foods that tickle your palate! We serve home-made dishes made from local staples. In summer you can have locally smoked fish or game cooked outdoors. You can enjoy local crayfish in the crayfish party we arrange every fall. There’s a campfire site on the courtyard of the old house, and you can also barbeque or smoke your fish or meat.

Catering services are available as well.